Consider travel to the nature side of Holland? Why not have a relaxing trip without having to walk in crowds & typical tourist spots? You can choose to experience the local seafood cuisine, aquatics activities, cycling tours along the shore and forest in this beautiful province Zeeland!

We have different theme activities to fit your purpose of the trip. We can tailor-make your program. It can be for a short-stay single traveler, family travel, wedding couple, students, kids, business partner or amateur athletes.

Great Food!

Enjoy fresh seafood, such as oysters, lobster and mussels. You can cook on your own or join our cooking workshop or self-picked berries jam workshop!

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An Adventure!

Have a water adventure or a quiet nature walk. Experience the most breathtaking scenery in the garden or the majestic sea creatures!

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Sports Lover?

Try our golf course, cycling tours, or just enjoy a good football game at a local cafe.

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